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Steve West - Web Site Developer & owner of Profits On The Web

Profits on the web home page

Websites are a necessity of doing business. When properly developed, a website will add to the profitability of the business. The challenge is finding a website development company that understands all aspects of website development and how the website fits into the marketing strategy, media mix and information structure of business.

We help businesses profit on three different levels:
Business Web Sites • Developer Support • Reseller Programs

Profits On The Web Site Services for Businesses

Since 2001 Profits On The Web has offered businesses Web Site Services at affordable rates. The process begins with an in-depth interview to discover what the highest priority of your web site is. Based on your needs a plan is outlined. We call this process The web site program cost is based on that outline. The quote rate covers the program with no Surprise Add-On Costs later.

To learn more about how Profits On The Web does business, check the About Us page.

Profits On The Web for Web Site Developers

The driving philosophy behind Profits On The Web is to provide business tools, information and inspiration necessary for small businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed in today's marketplace.

This philosophy is not targeted only to our website clients. Over the years Profits On The Web has provided support, knowledge, advice and training to independent designers and developers. We firmly believe when businesses work together to improve the integrity and credibility of their industry everyone benefits.

(read more about Profits On The Web Philosphy on the About Us page)

Profits On The Web Revenue Streams

Profits On The Web offers revenue streams to existing businesses through Resellers Programs and Referral Programs - both inbound and outbound.

We also offer opportunities to create a new business venture using very little start-up capital and sweat equity.

Along with the opportunities offered comes training and support. More information is coming on Meanwhile check out the Developers section on our Website Services page, and the Domain Registration and Hosting Services Reseller program.

For more information on Profits On The Web services or
to get referred to a member developer call



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